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TARIFA O NAGRADAMA I NAKNADAMA NOTARA  nije vam zanimljiva sve dok vam ne zatreba notar.Tek tada shvatite da imate problem i to novčani.Notari imaju posla i svakom uzmu mjeru po tarifi koja je već određena.
Neko je rekao da ćeš platiti 200 KM a kada dođeš tamo notar te oavijesti da je potreno izdvojiti 350 KM i to ez poreza,PDV-a te još nekih sitnih zahvata  po 20 ili 50 KM dodatnih. papira i to nije sve,poslije ti uzmu još 80 KM oni u gruntovnici ako je potreno da tamo ideš a ude potreno veoma često.
Evop kako idu opće odredbe:
"A. OPćI DIO Predmet Tarife član 1. Ovom Tarifom o nagradama i naknadama notara (u daljnjem tekstu: Tarifa) propisuje se način vrednovanja notarskog posla i obračunavanje nagrade za rad notara i naknade troškova notara u vezi s obavljenim radom. 
Prema ovoj Tarifi vrednuju se poslovi propisani Zakonom o notarima. 
Notarska nagrada i naknade član 2. (1) Notaru pripada i notar je obavezan obračunati nagradu za svoj rad i naknadu troškova u vezi s obavljenim radom u visini i na način reguliran ovom Tarifom. (2) U nagradi za notarski posao iz prethodnog stava ovog člana vrednovani su pripremni poslovi, koji su povezani s notarskim poslom (savjetovanja sa strankom i drugim sudionicima u poslu, sastav,čitanje i obrazloženje notarske isprave), kao i drugi poslovi i naknade u skladu sa ovom Tarifom." I tako dalje a evo i ko je odredio tu tarifu:
"Na osnovu odredbi člana 127. stav 2. Zakona o notarima ("Službene novine Federacije BiH", broj 45/02), a na prijedlog Notarske komore Federacije Bosne i Hecegovine, Federalno ministarstvo pravde utvrdilo je slijedeću TARIFU ..."
Znači nije do notara oni su predložili ovi drugi usvojili i sada svi plaćamo.
Svaki posao koji se pokrene od oka se kaže potrebno je toliko i toliko novca i na kraju to bude duplo od zacrtanog.
Savjet:Prije svakog posla koji ste zamislili uraditi prvo popijte neku tabletu sa smiernje za svaki slučaj.


The natural health

Bootea makes a point of using only the best natural ingredients for your body. The natural health and weight loss ingredients we use are specifically and finitely selected to maximise the teatox process. 
Todays magazines & media have distorted what beauty is and creaAt Bootea, we like to encourage each and every person to feel good about themselves.ted an impossible stereotype.
In doing so we hope to assist the overall health and wellbeing of our customers by spreading messages and information regarding nutrition and exercise. 
We will never promote or encourage our customers to go on a 'diet' as we believe that healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a short term fix. 
Bootea products are not only a great way to kickstart a healthier you but can also be added into an already active lifestyle. 
Begin the journey to the figure you want with an intense mix of natural health & weight loss ingredients.

14 day teatox is 25,40 eur


Voda je izvor života

Tražim izvor vode.Vodu sam tražio u dubini zemlje,kopao sam danima.Nakon iskopanih 5 metara ugledah da vlaži zemlja.Do sutra je natočeno oko 150 litara vode.
Dragička, povikah da me svako čuje, slatka je u mom domu.Ako ja budem imao vode imati će i moj komšija.Pa nije beg cicija.Ali da se nisam potrudio ne bih je nikad imao,mna imam je vodovod ali nije za piće jer je izvor u nekim krečanama i ne može se piti.Sada ću hvala bogu i ja da pijem zdrave i  čiste vode koliko me volja.

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The fruits

Pitaya fruit:Wondering how to eat these unique fruits? The rough, thick skin is not typically eaten, but cutting the fruit in half exposes the soft edible flesh. This flesh can be eaten raw, blended in smoothies, grilled, or cooked. The beautiful flowers of the pitaya fruit are also frequently steeped as tea. Feeling adventurous? Try these awesome dragon fruit recipes!
Pitaya fruit are praised for being low-calorie and high Vitamin C, as well as for their polyunsaturated fat (omega-3 and omega-6)-rich seeds. Pitaya fruit contains no cholesterol or saturated fat, some fiber, and little sugar. They do, however, contain polyphenols, which are thought to potentially reduce the risk of some cancers!
Pitaya fruit comes in two main varieties, the sweet version (pitaya dulce) and the sour version (pitaya agria). 
The sweet variety is much more popular thanks to its mildly sweet taste, creamy pulp, delicate scent, and a slight tartness. Its texture and taste is comparable to kiwi or watermelon. The sour variety has a stronger taste with a sour, yet refreshing, juicier flesh. Both varieties have black seeds in the flesh, much like kiwi, that contribute a slight nutty taste, pleasing crunch, and fiber to bootcactus,
Pitaya’s bright red color and unique, leathery, leafy skin makes this fruit stand out. So it’s no wonder that it is quickly becoming popular for its mildly sweet flavor, various nutrition benefits, and flexibility in recipes.

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Business school

Business school....This is the first international programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized by two well respected institutions. Other programs offered in our country do not have the backing of equal and respected institutions, and most lack full time professors, using instead retired professors, teaching assistants and part time lecturers.International case studies form the basis of group discussions in tutorials and individual/group assignments.The School of Economics and Business Sarajevo (SEBS) and Griffith College Dublin (GCD) provide a linked programme of study leading to the award of BA (Hons) Business Studies.  Students will initially complete two years business studies in SEBS.  On successful completion of these studies, and having achieved the required prior learning, students will progress directly to the final year of Griffith College's BA in Business Studies in Dublin.   The linked programme provided by the prestigious institutions will be held in the English language and guided by the best professors from both insitutions and other international guest lecturers.

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The Media and Its Development

Definition media tools used to store or provide data or information.
We have different types of media, such as advertising media, electronic media, digital media, electronic media, hypermedia, mass media, multimedia, media, print media, published media, recording media and social media. In the next few pages we will focus on the mass media and its development.
"Mass media is media that is intended for a large audience. 
It can be in the form of electronic media, as in the case of television and radio, or print media, such as newspapers and magazines. Internet media can achieve mass media status, and many mass media media maintain a web presence to take advantage of ready availability of the Internet in many regions of the world. Some people also refer to the mass media as the "mainstream media" refers to the fact that it tends to stick prominent stories that will be of interest to a general audience, sometimes neglecting Breaking News controversial. Many people around the world rely on the mass media for news and entertainment, and globally, the mass media is a huge industry. "
In the modern world, the development of the media has increased. With its increase, potential sources of knowledge that individuals can use became available. While the mass media are fun and knowledge available to more people, also began to homogenize taste, style, and point of view between different groups in the United States. Class and ethnic differences in American culture began to fade as the mass media transmit movies and music people across the United States. Some people have criticized the growing uniformity of mass culture to reduce the overall standard of taste, because the mass media sought to satisfy the greatest number of people citing simpler than more complex taste. However, culture has become democratic as modern technology and mass media allowed it to reach more people.
Mass media in its various forms has played an important role in the democratic process for centuries, but with the establishment of new electronic networks the ability to influence the media in the way we govern is significantly increased. First press, then radio, then television facilitate communication necessary for democracy to be realized. One of the ways in which electronic networks can increase the spread of democracy citizens with the information they want or need. Increased information allows citizens to better arguments and more knowledgeable decisions about issues that affect themselves and their communities. Because democracy in theory supports the government people and nations, access to more information improves the original concept of self-government. The history of mass media can be traced back to the early days of drama that are derived in different cultures. However, the term Mass Media was created with the print media that was also the first example. The first newspaper was printed in China 868 AD, but the high costs of labor and illiteracy among people, it is not prosper.Regarding origin of Mass Media, Europe can boast that it is the primary source. It was Johannes Gutenberg, which was first published in book printing in 1453.Gradually, in the period after World War II, have been introduced in the radio, television and video. Audio-visual content has become very popular because it provides information and entertainment. Of late, this is the internet, which has become the latest and most popular mass media. Here, data is generated through various websites and search engines. One can play games, listen to the radio, and working and chat with friends and relatives, regardless of location. It also provides information on a variety of subjects, such as literature, politics, science, sport, fashion, movies, education, career, jobs, etc. similar to other types of mass media. So, given the progress of science and technology, history of media has evolved and reached today's world the internet, mobile phones, blogs and podcasts.
To conclude: Media is probably one of the most powerful means by which the world may be affected. Many use it to express their ideas, fashion and lifestyle. Whether we admit it or not, some cultures dictate to us what we eat or wear this year and how we behave in a given situation. It is up to us whether we accept it or not ... but usually happy to accept as want-to-have everything we see in commercials. As we do not have enough brains to know what we want until we see / hear some nice and almost naked ladies in the business tells us that the juice that keeps in hand is one we have to drink immediately. And it goes on all over again-on TV, on the radio, the internet, on the street, etc. We can never avoid the bastards who want to buy their products and make them rich. There are some good media-democracy and knowledge available to everyone, but nothing is perfect, so it has its downsides, such as brainwashing and imposing certain ideas. Anyone can impose whatever they want. That is exactly what they are doing now. America is the main character in this game called "brainwashing".
While the mass media of entertainment available to more people, also began to homogenize taste, style, and point of view between different groups in the United States. 
Class and ethnic differences in American culture began to fade as the mass media transmit movies and music people across the United States. Some people have criticized the growing uniformity of mass culture to reduce the overall standard of taste, because the mass media sought to satisfy the greatest number of people citing simpler than more complex taste. However, culture has become democratic as modern technology and mass media allowed to occur more people.During 20th century, mass entertainment has extended the range of American culture, reversing the direction of impact as Europe and the world became a consumer of American popular culture.
America is now the dominant source of cultural entertainment and popular fashion, from jeans and T-shirts worn by young people in music groups and rock stars and listen to movies they see. People around the world view the American television programs, often years after the program's popularity has declined in the United States. American television has become an international match that American news help define what people in other countries know about current events and politics.
 American entertainment is probably one of the most powerful means by which American culture influence in the world, although some countries, such as France, resist this influence because they see it as a threat to their unique national culture 

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